Research & Development

The Company has been established with the prime objective of conducting research, development, production and marketing of superior high yielding hybrid seeds of crops of national importance. It's R&D strategy involves realising genetic gains in its elite, proprietary germplasm at a faster rate and at a higher quality than its competitors. We have strong research & development capabilities in genetics which provide us a critical edge to develop innovative products. We have a dedicated team of over 50 employees who are focussed on the development of new or improved proprietary hybrids based on their research. Biotechnological tools like Marker aided selection, dihaploidy etc are adopted for generation advancement and selection efficiency. Product testing networks spread across relevant agro- marketing regions and the processes, guide selection and promotion of Advanta products.

Research Location Breeding Biotechnology
Bangalore Sunflower, Corn, Mustard and Rice, Tomato, Chillies, Egg plant, Okra, Melons and Gourds Dihaploids for rice, corn and mustard.
Hyderabad Breeding -Sorghum, millet, corn and rice.Statistics support for all crops. Future biotech center for molecular marker, transformation and di-haploid services to support crops on a global and India basis
Vapi Cotton Molecular markers and transformation supporting cotton.
Sonepat Cabbage, Cauliflower, Knolkol, Raddish, Carrot  
Katraine Vegetables - Cole crops  

Biotechnology - Hyderabad

This facility is being planned at Hyderabad in India to incorporate the latest biotechnology products and processes that supports the plant breeding process. It will include transgenic technology, bioinformatics and genomics capabilities, cell biology units, to mention a few. Molecular markers will be a vital part of this cluster of technologies providing background recovery to enhance backcrossing projects, molecular mapping of important traits and molecular breeding approaches that stabilize genes of interest in early generations and positive linkage block building for maximizing heterosis. Gene identification, sequencing and development is another area of activity. All these technologies will be supported by the latest glasshouse and controlled environment facilities plus associated laboratory functions. These facilities will empower the breeders to accelerate the genetic gain for their crops of reference - this is critically important to meet the genetic need of farmers as well as nutritional needs of the growing populations plus build and improve our competitive position regarding other competing companies or suppliers of genetics to the agri industry. This will be the key Advanta biotechnology facility and will provide Global support for many of the crop species where Advanta have active research programs.

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